Hello everyone!

A4G AoM League is a community based 2 month span tourney played among the best Greek & Cyprus players, separated in two tiers. The first one, the elite and the second tier, the challengers. Every seaqson is being organized among the best and modern standards for e-sports, real time strategy games.

The tournament format is based on the principle of VCL (Voobly Champions League), with swiss group stage and then a single-elimination final stage.

The challenger tier costists of new and mid-level players who aim for a trophy and a chance to be promoted to the elites at the end of the season.
You can find the brackets here: Elites, Challengers

Rules for season no2:

  • Tourney being played on Steam Edition of Age of Mythology (Extended Edition).
  • Blind pick is being used, available on Steam Workshop.
  • Maps are being selected through the custom A4G map pool, available on Steam Workshop. Maps included: (anatolia, arctic craters, arctic ponds, blue lagoon, borderlands, ghostlake, highland, marsh, medit, midgard, moat, molde, nile delta, oasis, old atlantis, painted desert, savannah, sea of worms, tundra, watering hole).
  • 2 Stage tournament, with round robin group stage (BO3 matches) and single-elimination final stage (BO5 matches) with finals are a BO7.
  • Every player picks Major God a maximum of 2 times per match BO3,BO5 and 3 picks in a BO7.
  • Points are earned for each game of the match each player wins. For example, if player 1 wins player 2 by 2-1 game win, player 1 earns 2 points and the loser gets 1 point. In case of 2-0 win, losing player does not earn any points.

Map Draft

Each player can pick 3 and ban 1 map(s), before the start of each matchup. Player with lower ELO bans map first and picks map last, while higher ELO player picks map first and bans map second.
P1 – Higher ELO
P2 – Lower ELO

P1 pick, P2 pick, P2 pick, P1 pick, P1 pick, P2 pick, P2 ban, P1 ban

Map picks & bans are valid through the a4g map pool (GhostLake, Alfheim, Medditerenean, Anatolia, Tundra, Savannah, Oasis, Watering Hole, Marsh, Highland, Sea of Worms, Lumber Camp, Tundra Pools, Blue Lagoon, Painted Desert)

From 3rd game (if needed) and so on, maps are being played through the A4G random map pool.

Games will be streamed on Twitch through the following channels: