A4G League Rules

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      The Season lasts 1 month and the champion will have a special tag on discord and A4G website.

      Match ups

      2 games are played and the maps used are:

      1st game is the Home Map of the first player, 2nd game is the Home Map of second player. If there is a draw, the 3rd game will only be played if there is a draw at the end of the group stage and the 3rd game will played in a Blind Random map. Players can choose whichever map they want (provided they are on the DE maps list).

      Choice of civilization

      In each game, players must select a civilization that is not visible (hidden civs). Before selecting, each player can choose up to 3 civilizations that the opponent can’t use on each map.

      Promotion & Relegation

      The first and second of each group are promoted to the next group and the 2 bottom players are relegated to the group below.

      If a player quits the League, then the last player who continues to play in the next season will relegate. His position is taken by the 2nd player in the previous group or by a new player. Priority is given to new players in order to have equal players in each category.

      New players

      They fall into the following categories:
      1. The number of players in each category (one category cannot have 5 players and the other 2 players).
      2. ELO

      Points in Global Standings

      Champion: 12 points
      2nd of 1st Group : 10 points
      3rd of 1st Group: 7 points
      1st of 2nd Group: 5 points
      2nd of 2nd Group: 4 points
      3rd of 2nd Group: 3 points
      1st of 3rd Group: 2 points
      2nd of 3rd Group: 1 points

      Special Rules

      The games are played in Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition.

      In the case of a bugged map, it can be repeated if requested within the first 3 minutes.

      Pop: 200
      Victory: Conquest
      Speed: Normal
      Map Size: Tiny
      Difficulty: Standard


      If a player disappears for more than a week, then he/she automatically loses all games with AW or someone else takes his place.

      A prerequisite for joining the League is to have Discord installed on the computer or mobile so that players can arrange their games.

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