A4G Age of Empires 1: DE 2020 League
Age of Empires 1 Definitive Edition

Hall of Fame
Most Wins: Sotiris
Best Current Rating: Sotiris
Best Current Streak: Sotiris
Best Streak Ever: Sotiris
Hall of Shame
Most Losses: S.S.C.L.
Worse Current Rating: S.S.C.L.
Worse Current Streak: S.S.C.L.
Worse Streak Ever: S.S.C.L.
The challenger must declare a map and 3 civ bans in the description of the challenge. The challenged player can declare the 3 civ bans before the start of the game.

The challenge must be answered within 14 days - if not answered, then the attacker gets AW. If answered, then the 2 players will have to set a date and time for the match.

The rating is with the ELO system.

Standard settings are used. In case of bugged map, it can be repeated if requested within the first 3 minutes.