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The major civilizations of Age of Empires III number fourteen in total. In the single-player campaign and throughout most maps, they are complemented by the introduction of native minor civilizations that players can access using Trading Posts. In contrast to previous titles, each civilization only be played by one player or AI in both single-player skirmish and multiplayer matches.

Age of Empires III


Civilization bonus: Has Manor Houses, which replace normal Houses and spawn Settlers when built. Good economy in early game and reliable backbone units — Musketeers and Hussars.

Unique units:



Royal Guard units:

Redcoat Musketeer,

King’s Life Guard Hussar

Home City: London See also: British Home City Cards


Civilization bonus: Villagers cost coin, can build unique buildings called Banks which generate coins. Cheap, population-efficient but decent light cavalry — the Ruyter.

Unique units: Envoy, Ruyter, Fluyt

Royal Guard units: Nassau Halberdier, Carabineer Ruyter

Home City: Amsterdam See also: Dutch Home City Cards


Civilization bonus: Has Coureur des Bois, which replace normal Settlers and gather and fight better than the latter. Also has the strongest cavalry unit (excluding elephants) in the game — the Cuirassier.

Unique units: Coureur des Bois, Cuirassier

Royal Guard units: Gendarme Cuirassier, Voltigeur Skirmisher

Home City: Paris See also: French Home City Cards


Civilization bonus: Receives free Uhlans with every Home City shipment, has an extra type of Settler — Settler Wagons — which gathers and fights better, Mercenaries are available earlier and they have more shipment cards of them.

Unique units: Uhlan, Settler Wagon, Doppelsoldner, War Wagon

Royal Guard units: Needle Gunner Skirmisher, Czapka Uhlan

Home City: Berlin See also: German Home City Cards


Civilization bonus: Town Centers spawn Villagers for free. Has a wide variety of artillery units including the strongest one in game — the Great Bombard. Also has a reliable backbone infantry unit, the Janissary.

Unique units: Abus Gun, Janissary, Spahi, Galley, Great Bombard

Royal Guard units: Baractu Grenadier, Gardener Hussar

Home City: Istanbul See also: Ottoman Home City Cards


Civilization bonus: Extra Covered Wagon for every Age advanced, Explorer has ability to use Spyglass, extra Explorers from Home City shipments.

Unique units: Cassador, Organ Gun

Royal Guard units:Guerreiro Musketeer, Jinete Dragoon

Home City: Lisbon See also: Portuguese Home City Cards


Civilization bonus: Villagers and infantry are trained in groups, cheap military units great for overwhelming other players with their large armies, has Blockhouses instead of Outposts and Barracks, which combines the functions of both.

Unique units: Strelet, Cossack, Oprichnik

Royal Guard units:Pavlov Grenadier, Tartar Cavalry Archer

Home City: St. Petersburg See also: Russian Home City Cards


Civilization bonuses: Experience points are earned faster. Home City shipments also arrive faster.

Unique units: Lancer, Rodelero, Missionary, War Dog

Royal Guard units: Garrochista Lancer, Espada Rodelero, Tercio Pikeman

Home City: Seville See also: Spanish Home City Cards

The WarChiefs

All military units of The WarChiefs civilizations are unique, with the exceptions of Canoes and War Canoes.


War Chief bonus: Boosts hit points of nearby units.

Civilization bonus: The Iroquois have Travois, and start with one in the beginning of the game that can build most buildings for free. The Iroquois also have a unique Founder Dance in the Fire Pit which spawns Travois.

War Council: Caughnawaga

Best units: Tomahawk, Light Cannon See also: Iroquois Home City Cards


War Chief bonus: Boosts speed of nearby units.

Civilization bonus: Start with 200 population capacity in the beginning of game. Have unique Teepees, which the player can only build up to ten (exception when a special card is sent) to provide a little health bonus to nearby friendly units.

War Council: Hunkpapa

Best units: Dog Soldier, Rifle Rider See also: Sioux Home City Cards


War Chief bonus: Doubles experience gained in combat by nearby units.

Civilization bonus: Have Warrior Priests that can heal or count as two people at the Fire Pit. Start with one Warrior Priest. Except ordinary War Hut, Nobles’ Hut also acts as a Blockhouse, but with a longer range.

Home City: Tenochtitlan

Best Units: Skull Knight, Jaguar Prowl Knight See also: Aztec Home City Cards

The Asian Dynasties

All military units of The Asian Dynasties civilizations are unique, with the exceptions of Monitors and all Indian ships.


Civilization bonus: This civilization has Villages instead of Houses which supports twice the population than the latter, and has migration cards that allow them to spawn one Villager at each Town Center and Village. Trains infantry and cavalry in groups called banner army. Only get one Monk at the start of the game, along with a Disciple. Build Wonders to advance in Age. Build Consulates to influence foreign intervention.

Home City: Beijing

Best units: Iron Flail, Flamethrower See also: Chinese Home City Cards


Civilization bonus: Villagers cannot kill livestock for food, but can build unique buildings called Sacred Field which livestock can be stationed to generate XP. There are no Villager cards, but they receive free Villagers with every Home City shipments. All Villagers trained from the Town Center cost wood instead of food. Build Wonders to advance in Age. Build Consulates to influence foreign intervention.

Home City: Delhi

Best unit: Mahout Lancer, Sepoy See also: Indian Home City Cards


Civilization bonus: Has Shrines, which replace normal Houses and generate resources. Villagers cannot hunt animals for food, but can build Shrines next to wild animals to increase the resource trickle rate. As a special advantage, most cards in the Japanese Home City may be sent twice. Build Wonders to advance in Age. Build Consulates to influence foreign intervention.

Home City: Edo

Best units: Samurai, Daimyo

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