Behold the mighty Norse! Hailing from Northern Europe, the Norse were a strong people that dared to challenge the Roman Empire.Command the extremely aggressive Norse and use their unique ability to build production facilities with their infantry! Wield the powerful Berserker to decimate your enemies’ front lines, or use the ancient Seer to summon a raven that can scout the map. There are endless creative strategy options at your disposal. Join the fight and rule the world with the Norse!

Norse often leans towards offense as they can build Guard Towers, Fortresses and Military Buildings around the map with their infantry units allowing sustained attacks on the enemy while all villagers can be put to gathering resources rather than building. They can also have great map control with their Guard Tower/Fortress contains, fast Raiders and their Seers’ ravens. Their units are very pop efficient. Players will often have trouble with ranged balls as the Norse player’s army composition will often consist of mostly infantry. This can be solved by using skirmishers or building Fortresses. It is recommended for more familiar players as they require not only the standard macro and micro management but have to manage building with their infantry units and map awareness as well.

Unique Features

  • Infantry can builds miltary and defensive buildings. However cannot repair buildings.
  • Starts with two scouts: one of them can build a barracks, the other can build an outpost. Scout Melee (Norse) can build barracks, while Scout Ranged (Norse) can build outpost.
  • Outposts can train War Dogs which can snare units and take no population space allowing these dogs to be devastating on unaware armies.
  • Longhouse: Provides 10 population instead of 5, but also costs double the wood and space, while allowing additional garrison for villagers in times of raids.
  • Fortress can burn nearby units, damaging them over time. Providing that the fortress has the Burning Pitch upgrade.
  • Chief: A very strong unit which inspires nearby unit’s health by 20%.
  • Seer: A priest unit who can summon ravens for spying through enemies’ territories.
  • Throwing Axeman: A unit that can can deal damage at close combat or short range.
  • Berserker: A powerful expensive unit that can chop through enemy’s defenses with ease.
  • Longship: A naval unit that can transport units with great haste.

Under Construction