Age4greeks , the Greek Age of Empires and Mythology Community, proudly present our first international 3v3 Age2DE Tournament called Nomadic Cup!
The event has a guaranteed prize pool of €480 which will be shared among the four finalists.
This tournament will be based on nomad style maps and will be a Double elimination event.
Sign-ups will open on July 15th and close on September 10th, with the tournament beginning on September 18th.

Tournament Schedule
Each phase will last 1 week, so the teams will have 1 week to play their games.
The first round will last from 18 of September to 24 of September.
The second round will last from 25 of September to 1 of October.
The following rounds will be decided based on how many teams will sign up.

This tournament will be played in the following 10 maps:
Nomad – Land Nomad – African Clearing – Water Nomad – Nomad Lakes -Nomad Meadow –
Nomad Atacama – Nomad Steppe – Nomad Valley – MegaRandom Nomad
To participate in the tournament, you will need to download the “A4G Nomadic Cup 3vs3 Tournament” mod which provides the six maps that are not included in the game. We would like to express our gratitude to sn0wsh00 for allowing us to use his maps.

All the games will be streamed from our community twitch channel
Any streamer who wishes to stream the games or any player who wishes to stream his point of view (strictly with 2 minutes delay) is allowed to do so with the condition of mentioning that Age4Greeks is the host of the tournament on the stream title and providing the Twitch link of Age4Greeks and the Discord link of Age4Greeks Tournaments as a command in his chat, as well as the logo of the tournament provided by our Discord Server.

For more details regarding settings, maps etc you can check our handbook here and you can join our tournament discord server here

The Tournament Admins KronosJr, Manos, Vipsarkon, Sotiris, Ridergr

Prepare your teams and join our Nomadic Cup!