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    hard worker villager

    hey choppers, we doing an Forest Prison Tournament 4v4 aoc on voobly.

    Everyone is invited to signup, watch & stream this event. Players can signup with a team or alone ( they will team up with the other players that signup alone).

    map screenshot:


    challonge :

    Settings for This Tournament :

    ~ Age of Conquerors ~
    Games: Best of 3
    Players: 4v4
    Map: FN EFast XXLarge
    Size: 8 players
    Difficulty: Hard
    Resources: Standard
    Population: 250
    Game Speed: Fast
    Reveal Map: Normal
    Starting Age: Normal
    Victory Condition: Conquest
    Team Together: Yes
    All techs: No
    Allow Cheats: No
    Lock Teams: Yes
    Lock Speed: Yes
    Record Game: YES
    MQ: Yes
    Patch: 1.5 RC

    Everyone picks what civlization wants for whole tournament ( Repeat civs allowed, also all players same civ

    Each Team MUST have 4 players. Each Team Will have an Captain.
    The Captain Must send his records to the admins.

    The Captains will talk with their teammates and decide a date and hour when they can play their games.

    Im not a streamer, i just like playing this map with my friends and we thought that would be interesting an tournament for this. Everyone is welcomed no matter of the elo or experience with this map. I just want everyone to have fun.

Επισκόπηση 1 δημοσιεύσεων (από 1 συνολικά)
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